Login issues with Kakao.Auth.authorize()

When using Kakao.Auth.authorize() to log in, if the user does not have KakaoTalk installed, can he log in by opening a new tab or popup window instead of directly jumping to the login page on the current page? thanks

Is this a question based on the basic browser, not the in-app browser?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the processing flow.

safari or chrome browser,Is it also not possible to change the processing flow?

it’s impossible.

How about doing this instead?

(1) First create a popup.
(2) Call the function on the popup page. - Kakao.Auth.authorize()

Kakao.Auth.authorize() Can’t use popup or new tab by setting parameters?

The Kakao.Auth.authorize() parameter setting has no corresponding function.

There is Kakao.Auth.login(), which provides its own pop, but this method is not a redirect method.
This feature is no longer available in JS SDK v2.

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Kakao.Auth.login() has another issue which is not resolved yet.

The problem link is as follows:

The "Kakao.Auth.login() " function is not recommended.

The problem link is as follows:
300 not_found_auth_code

However, let me check what the problem is.

response: {“error_code”:“300”,“error”:“not_found_auth_code”,“error_description”:“can’t get an authorization_code”,“status”:“error”}

(1) This is not an error, it is a polling response waiting message.

(2) If Kakao Talk is not installed, it should not be polled.

(3) Kakao Talk is not installed, but if you polling, there will be a factor that JSDK will mistake Kakao Talk for being installed.

Can you get a mobile device that has never been installed on Kakao Talk?

Would you like to test it first with a device that has never installed Kakao Talk?

Kakao Talk is not installed

Didn’t you install it and then uninstall it?

Yes, I installed it before and uninstalled it later.

Is it possible to test with a device that has never been installed? (I want to compare.)

wait a minute, let me try

좋아요 1

Problems will also occur if the app has never been installed, but the probability of not installing and uninstalling the app is high

Okay, thank you for test

I don’t know why JS SDK is mistaken on your mobile device.
But fundamentally, it is possible to eliminate the cause of the problem.

Kakao.Auth.login() : When calling a function, set “throughTalk” to false and run it

If throughTalk is set to false, will it not be possible to quickly log in through the kakao talk app on the device where the kakao talk app is installed?

If you set it to false, you will log in to the Kakao account login page, not the Kakao app.

We cannot reproduce your situation. Until the cause is identified, it would be better to use it like this or use an “authorize” method of login.

I use Kakao.Auth.authorize() in the safari browser. After waking up the kakao talk app and logging in, can the kakao talk app not actively jump back to my safari browser? Now users need to actively close the kakao talk app, and manually click to open the browser.

You mean it’s displayed as below, right?

This cannot be automatically returned to the previous app with iOS policy and must be returned to user action.

If you successfully logged in from the original browser, there is no problem. This is iOS’s policy.