How can I set scopes to 'Required consent'?

Consent items page in [My Application] > [Kakao Login] > [Consent items] :

1. After creating the developer app. When enabling Kakao login, it is provided by default

[Personal Information]

Nickname {profile_nickname} [Required consent]
Profile image {profile_image} [Required consent]
Friends List in Kakao Service(Including profile image, nickname, and favorites) {friends} [Consent during use]


Send message in KakaoTalk {talk_message} [Optional consent]
Create, retrieve, edit/delete Talk Calendar and events {talk_calendar} [Consent during use]

2. Switch to a Biz app

[Personal Information]

Email {account_email} [Required consent]

3. Request for app permissions

[Personal Information]

Name / Gender / Age range / Birthday / Birth Year / Phone number / Shipping information (receiver, shipping address, phone number)
CI(Connecting Information)

  1. Set privacy agreement items permission is provided only if you already collect them from the service you are operating.
  2. If the development is in progress where the contents cannot be proved, You can create a Test app and develop it in advance.