Why is the image of the BASIC_TEXT_MESSAGE clickable?


I would lik to ask if it is expected that the Image of a BASIC_TEXT_MESSAGE is clickable, with the mobileLandingUrl set in the first button?

We have tested the following 2 conditions on the BASIC_TEXT_MESSAGE:

  • With image, no button
  • With image, one button with mobile landing URL

When clicking the image area of the second one, the web view with the URL from the button pops out.

Is this the expected behavior?
Thank you!

Hello. I am the Kakao Moment API operator.

Among the creative types, BASIC_TEXT_MESSAGE

If you use imageFile, the landing will be connected as shown below.

  1. With image, no button
    → No image landing

  2. With image, one button
    → Image landing is connected to button 1 landing.

If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment.

Thank you!