is defined but not name or pic for kakao login

state id is defined but not for name/pic ~ privacy issue?


I’am couldn’t figure out what you asked.
please explain in more detail.

currently I am making a website that gives users the option to login with kakao account in react.js

when i look in the console.log(kakaouser) i can see only user ID and nothing else

when i looked in the kakao developer documentation there are several details that is collected each time a kakao user logins

responseKakao = (res) => {
name: res.profile.nickname,
pic: res.profile.thumbnail_image,
birthday: res.profile.birthday,
provider: ‘kakao’

is this more clear?


You can get only user information that users agree to provide. When users log in with Kakao, they can choose what to provide to your service by consent items on Consent screen. Then, Kakao provides you with the personal information that users agree to provide through Retrieving user information API.

Configure consent items needed for your service in [My Application] > [Product Settings] > [Consent items].

You cannot get the user information if users refuse to provide even though it is set as ‘optional consent(선택 동의)’ and if it is set as ‘Not Use(사용 안함)’.

To set some user information as ‘required consent(필수 동의)’,
you need to apply for KakaoSync and get approved OR switch your app to a Biz app by registering the Taxpayer identification number(TIN)/Business registration number of service in [My Application] > [App Settings] > [Biz app].

Refer to the followings for more details:

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