Moment api: deviceTypes of ad group

Hello, I have a question about the deviceTypes in the ad group and need your help.

This deviceTypes appears to be the operating system of the device. It seems that ads can be placed on app or web, meaning there are two types of ads: app ads and web ads. These two types cannot be distinguished by the operating system. So, how should I distinguish between app and web ads?


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deviceType affects the placement of the ads, where ads would be shown.
So this does not mean whether it would be served only on app nor web.
deviceType alone does not determine where ads would be shown,
deviceType and placements (the combination of two) determine where ads would be shown.
ㄴ You can check Ad creation: Ad group | Kakao Developers Ad creation: Ad group document as a reference.

For example, if you set deviecType as ‘ANDROID’, your ads could be placed on android web or on android app.

So there is no need to distinguish between app and web ads.

If you have any follow up questions about this, please let us know.

So, does that mean all placements support being placed on both apps and web? I couldn’t find explicit information in the documentation.

Yes, if you set all placements, your ads would be placed on both apps and web.
Kakao Moment Ads does not support choosing app placements only nor web placements only.

You can check where you ads would be shown via
(This guide does not support English, so please use translator.)

Thank you for your answer. I have some other questions:

  1. Are there limitations on the number of advertisements per level? I noticed that the API for fetching the list does not have pagination, so I would like to confirm this.
  2. Can I increase the API call quotas? I’ve noticed that if I want to retrieve details through the API, I can only perform individual queries(Or is there a way for me to retrieve a list with detailed information?). I’m concerned that it may be easy to exceed the limit.

1. Number of limitations per level

  • campaign : maximum 200
  • adgroup : maximum 500 per campaign
  • creatives: maximum 200 per adgroup (Message creative is restricted to 1 creative per adgroup)

this information is on

2. There is no quota limits on Kakao Moment open API. Other APIs are restricted to 3,000,000 requests per month.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask us.

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