Login issues with Kakao.Auth.login(),Huawei browser cannot activate kakao talk app login

Use the system Huawei browser on Huawei Android phones(system:harmonyOS 2.0.0,model:HUAWEI P30) to call the Kakao.Auth.login() api.
I installed the kakao talk app, but failed to activate the kakao talk app login correctly, but opened a pop-up window with an empty url, and could not continue to log in.
Please help me take a look at this problem.
thank you.

video link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f4e8skttKDhOtHYkmV0lNYnrRSdnsZjU/view?usp=sharing

Does it work well on Chrome browser?

The supported browsers are as follows.

JavaScript | Kakao Developers JavaScript

If the Huawei browser cannot handle the Kakao.Auth.login() processing method, we recommend using Kakao.Auth.authorize().