Is the "Check user agreed terms" feature mandatory for the implementation of the Kakao Sync Simple Signup?

We are going to implement Kakao Sync with the Simple Signup for our website. According to this table, the “Check user agreed terms“ feature is required and must be integrated to use the Kakao Sync Simple Signup.

If we don’t need the “Check user agreed terms“ functionality because we will send out the notification emails to ALL customers when needed (e.g. the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy will be updated), can we skip (not implement) the “Check user agreed terms“ feature? Is it mandatory for the implementation? Will we have any issues with Kakao Sync in the future if we don’t implement it?


To send an advertising email to a user
Consent to the relevant service terms and conditions is essential.
Whether you have agreed to the Terms of Service can be determined by the “Check user agreed terms” API.
If you are caught sending unauthorized advertising emails, you may be punished by relevant laws.