Get the Business registration number

Developer Id :-
App name :- Akhilesh Tallam
App Id:- 688391
purpose :- To use Customer File
Individual Developer :- Yes

What is “Customer File”? Please explain it.

list where users are added to.
used in kakao talk channel API

BizApp authorizes individual developers in DevTalk.

However, biz channels must have business numbers.

Customer files can only be used when Biz apps and Biz channels are connected.

To get converted to a bizapp ,I need to the business number as mentioned in the prerequosites.

BizApp gives authority to individual developers after reviewing them on DevTalk.
However, beaded channels need business numbers.
Customer files are only available if the Biz app and Biz channel are connected.

After all, even if you switch to the Biz app, the customer file cannot be used because there is no business number.

Are you an overseas company without a domestic business number?