Allow firewall exceptions for Kakao APIs such as Kakao Login

Since general public institutions or banks operate closed networks for security reasons, there are some restrictions while using Kakao Login such as some IPs and ports are blocked. For this case, you need to add the following IP addresses to your own firewall allowlist list. Note that these domains only support basic HTTPS/SSL communication over 443 port.

Here are the domains the Kakao platform uses:

Domain Description IP address Used when issuing OAuth2 authentication tokens and
when users agree to provide personal information to third parties. Used to retrieve user information or to call other Kakao APIs after obtaining tokens. Used to log into Kakao with user’s Kakao ID and password if the Simple login does not work. Used for Kakao Account on mobile devices. Used for the Search APIs and Local APIs. Used for the function to allow or block Kakao Talk messages. Used for the Kakao Talk universal link service. Used for the Speech APIs.


(This post was updated on September 27, 2022.)