Kakao map API support Web Site domain as IP address or not?

Hello Kakao supporters,

I registered Web Site domain for Kakao map. It includes multiple site domains as

When we tested with URL http://2xx.2xx.218.7x, it show error in console as
{“errorType”:“AccessDeniedError”,“message”:“domain mismatched! caller=http://2xx.2xx.218.7x. check out registered web domains.”}

But when we tested with URL http://mycompanywebsite.kr it worked and did not show error in console.

I have question: currently Kakao map API don’t support static IP address, is it right?

Thank you!

Hi @nguyenviethien ,

The answer for your question is,
yes we do support IP address as a referrer.

You can use both a domain name and IP address.

I checked to find exact cause for the problem,
however I couldn’t find any API requests from the app belongs to your account.

Please let me have the appkey you used for the try.
(send me it through direct message.)


Thank you for your quick response.
We use appkey *****, it worked with domain name but it did not work with static IP.
Can you help me check it? Thank you!


I checked requests with your appkey. (and removed it from your article.)
And I could only find a domain name on the information of your appkey.

Have you registered the IP either?
I think you only registered a domain name and used its IP when you access the page.

If you or your user accesses the page with the domain and its IP,
you need to register them separately.

And, the protocols such as http:// and https:// also need to registered separately.

Please put http://2xx.2xx.218.7x into your app. info. > platform > Web > Site,
and try again.

Thank you for your answer.

I sent 2 pictures for static IP address (not work) and domain address (work) with same appkey.
Did you received that message? Help us troubleshoot what issue is it.

Have a nice day! @Maps

Did you have any suggestion about our issue?



I just replied to your message.
I think the appkey you used is not from the app which has proper site domains.