How to make public application

hi team,

We have created an app develop for login and send message feature.
Currently we have to manually add friends to Team Management to send messages
We need public application so we don’t need to manually add friends to Team Management

Is there any support for this?

The Send Message feature can only be sent to team members for testing.
You only have a limited permission.

When the application has a formal message API permission, it can send a message to a user who is not a team member of the team.

And, only users who fall under the following can send and receive messages.

  • Friend must not be hidden nor blocked.
  • Friend’s Kakao Account must be linked to your service app.
  • Friend must consent to the ‘Friends List in Kakao Service(Including profile image, nickname, and favorites)’ scope when linking to your service app.
  • Friend must set the profile to public by selecting the ‘Show my profile on Friends list’ option. Refer to Profile visibility settings.

Please refer to the following document to obtain formal permission

Prerequisites | Kakao Developers Docs - Request permission